RF and the Inquisition 3: The Unbearable Tribulations of RF and Melissa

The Unbearable Tribulations of Red Feline and Melissa continue in this, the third installment of their painful story. With every minute, they approach their ultimate fate.

One more attempt is made by those in charge to exact a confession out of the wretched women. Will the two women confess and get it over with?

Melissa reconsiders her situation, after suffering backbreaking tribulations on the Spanish Horse, her tender flesh is pricked and pierced in search of the Devil’s Mark.

Red Feline, after hanging spread-eagle by her ankles, fully exposed to the whip, refuses still. Is she testing her limits?
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RF and the Inquisition 1: RF Faces the Inquisition

The trial could be happening, or it might have started, or it is about to start. It doesn’t really matter, because the purpose of the events to follow is to extract information from the victims; Red Feline and Melissa the Nun.

The charges of Heresy, witchcraft and dealings with the devil have already been written in the book…. the victims must either sign the book as a full confession, or suffer the pain of torture until they do.

The methods to be applied are many, the priests hope that they won’t have to … or do they? Witness the suffering of the guilty as they refuse to face reality.

Red Feline is thrown into a dungeon where Melissa, the nun, is already being prepared for torture.

Red Feline must first witness how Melissa suffers the whip and the Stiletto before she faces the trials of the Inquisition.
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