Le Marquis de la Croix

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Le Marquis de la Croix
Year: 2012
Run Time: 84 minutes
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Based on the twisted writings of the Marquis de Sade.

This DVD contains:
-Movie in English with optional Hearing Impaired & German subtitles 16:9 widescreen
-Optional audio commentary with director Amy Hesketh & actor Jac Avila in English

*NTSC or PAL depending on your region. We ship within 2-3 business days upon receiving your order. :)
Year: 2012

Actor(s): Jac Avila (The Marquis), Amy Hesketh (The Tourist), Mila Joya (Zynga the Gypsy), Eric Calancha (The Museum Keeper)

Genre(s): Horror, Erotic
Studio(s): Decadent Cinema
Director(s): Amy Hesketh
US$ 29.90