RF and the Inquisition 4: The Execution of the Unrepented

The ultimate fate for Red Feline and Melissa is at hand.

Red Feline faces the ultimate fate, dangling in mid air, her hands nailed and stretched wide, will Melissa save herself from the inevitable? All she has to do is sign the book where here crimes have already been written. It’s all so simple, she hears them say. It’s either a swift end at the merciful edge of the sword or the long agony of the ultimate torture. Melissa looks up to her hanging and nailed friend. She’s ready for her answer. Will Melissa follow Red Feline, her companion in pain, to the ghastly suffering of the cross? Or will she recant to the tune of decapitation?
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RF and the Inquisition 3: The Unbearable Tribulations of RF and Melissa

The Unbearable Tribulations of Red Feline and Melissa continue in this, the third installment of their painful story. With every minute, they approach their ultimate fate.

One more attempt is made by those in charge to exact a confession out of the wretched women. Will the two women confess and get it over with?

Melissa reconsiders her situation, after suffering backbreaking tribulations on the Spanish Horse, her tender flesh is pricked and pierced in search of the Devil’s Mark.

Red Feline, after hanging spread-eagle by her ankles, fully exposed to the whip, refuses still. Is she testing her limits?
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